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Become a Pioneer!

Written by Matthew.
03 May 16

Since the launch Krumb has developed an amazing community of krumbers. The creativity, humour and enthusiasm of you all, keeps on surprising us and makes this platform so unique. We are constantly looking to improve Krumb and user feedback is one of the main factors that provides us with new insights.

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What you’ve always wanted to know about Krumb: 20 questions & 20 answers

Written by Matthew, from Krumb HQ.
11 Apr 16

We’ve already given you 10 tips for dropping timeless krumbs in 2015. So today we’re going to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about Krumb. If you have any further questions after reading this article. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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UPDATE ALERT! Krumb continues with a bunch of new features

Written by Matthew.
04 Feb 16

Last update was a big step forward and we’re glad that we heard so much positive feedback. Thanks to the revamped krumb-feeds and design from last update, there is less noise in busy areas and it’s easier to find valuable connections. But still, Krumb isn’t finished yet. Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Krumb (1.8 for iOS, 1.1r54 for Android).

update alert FB 1200x630
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A new year’s gift and awards from our debut year

Written by Matthew.
21 Jan 16

Our welcoming gift from 2016 didn’t come as a total surprise, but that we’re happy with it, is absolutely out of the question. Also, we will be launching a new version of Krumb for iOS and Android, very shortly.

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Krumb update – A big step forward and new features

Written by Matthew.
10 Sep 15

After our launch in June on both platforms iOS and Android, we were incredibly happy how well Krumb was received by many users and national press. Many people see the possibilities of Krumb and are using it to socialize with other people near them. Also a lot of cultural institutions are excited about the innovative and timeless aspect of Krumb for their organization. But, with an application, you’re never finished. We’re constantly looking to improve the Krumb-experience.

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KAA Gent zit op Krumb! (Dutch only)

Written by Matthew.
10 Jul 15

Vanaf dit weekend kan je KAA Gent volgen op de splinternieuwe smartphone applicatie Krumb.
Krumb toont onvergetelijke momenten, persoonlijke herinneringen en relevante informatie, op exact die plek waar het gebeurt. Wanneer je KAA Gent volgt op Krumb krijg je ongedwongen nieuwtjes, give-aways en andere leuke dingen te zien die met de club te maken hebben.

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Krumb on the main stage in Avignon

Written by Tom.
08 Jul 15

Krumb, the Belgian app that gives locations a new dimension, is in the spotlight this month in Avignon.

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10 tips for dropping timeless krumbs

Written by Matthew.
21 May 15

Since Krumb is purely location based and these locations play the main role in the app. We have to learn how to approach content radically different from a few other apps.

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Krumb is more fun with friends, invite them now.

Written by Matthew.
17 May 15

We love interaction. Whether it is digitally or personally. Feedback gives us the power to improve, reflect and just basically have more fun. The more krumbers, the merrier! A social network wouldn’t be social at all without the possibility to engage with your audience or the people you follow.

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Written by Matthew.
15 May 15

Krumb is a revolutionary smartphone application that will change the way you look at places. Krumb works with text, pictures and drawings or all of these three combined! Let your imagination run wild. But what makes Krumb different than all the rest out there?

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Fighting FOMO

Written by Matthew.
01 May 15

Do you know the feeling your smartphone just won’t stop buzzing?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that offered you actually interesting information about that exact spot you are standing on?

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