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Meet Krumb.

Krumb let’s you share and see what matters most at your locations. One krumb can contain a picture and/or text and could be shared to the world or to that one specific friend. It’s just the perfect tool to create buzz at a specific spot for a long period of time.

Unfortunately the last Krumb has been dropped, Krumb is no longer available from the App Store.

Krumb in the press

14 / 12 / 15

[EN] - For too long, social networks have distracted us from our environment. A new app, Krumb, aims to change all that.

26 / 09 / 17

[ENG] - Krumb - finally a social app that tells you what matters, only where it matters.

02 / 06 / 15

[NL] - Vergeet de tijdlijn, de toekomst van sociale netwerken draait rond locatie.

09 / 06 / 15

[NL] - Vergeet Swarm en Foursquare! Deze Belgische app is veel cooler.

02 / 06 / 15

[ENG] - A taste of Krumb on ATV...now also for those who live on the parking lot.

23 / 06 / 15

[NL] - Genieten van het hier en nu’ is de boodschap van de nieuwe Belgische app Krumb (ofwel kruimel).


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